SpillNot Mug Holder

SpillNot Mug

Have you ever wanted to grab your coffee cub and swing it around, watching in awe as your coffee defies gravity and impresses your friends? Neither have I, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not impressed by the SpillNot Mug Holder. This thing is designed to hold your mug and allow you to transport it easily without spilling a drop, wither you’re walking across your office or running to catch a bus.

The mug holder works because the flexible handle has enough give to it to eliminate the lateral force that causes coffee to slosh over the side of a mug when you are walking (or otherwise moving forward) with it. This means that, unless you trip and fall, you’re not going to end up with coffee drops all over your pants and shirt if you’re using it. The flashier side of this tool is that you can use it to do tricks, flipping and twirling your mug without spilling a drop, and it is a pretty impressive office party trick if you put a little practice into it first.

Now, since I basically have a coffee machine at my desk, this mug holder isn’t going to save me from spilling coffee all over my laptop. If your office is on the other  side of the building from your breakroom, however, and you’re as prone to sloshing too-full cups of coffee all over your hands when you are walking (been there, even when my coffee cup has a lid!!) , you just might want to consider it as a stocking stuffer this holiday.