Hidden Animal Mugs

hidden Animal Mugs

When I was a kid, my favorite mug had a frog in it. It wasn’t a real frog that I had stuffed into my mug, but a ceramic frog that sat at the bottom of the mug and was slowly revealed as you drank. Inevitably, I was drinking milk and the frog’s little head poked out when I was about halfway through. I recently found my old mug, tucked away in a box in the garage, and it brought back all those old memories. It also gave me the urge to see if something a little more grown up was out there: there is. Hidden Animal Mugs are beautiful ceramic cups that have delicate, detailed figurines inside that are revealed as you drink – just as my frog was. The whimsical designs include a fox, an owl and a bear. Their colors match the tone of the cup, so they’re subtle but fun at the same time. The cups, unfortunately, are sold individually so getting aset can be a little expensive. Fortunately, I only need one for myself to bring a little nostalgia to my coffee break.

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  1. Brandy at 8:56 pm

    I am looking for something that is more childlike for my children. I had a cup with a little yellow duck in it. I was hoping for something more colorful. Have you seen anything like that?

  2. Sandy at 6:06 pm

    I bought these for my nieces…now we want one for my great-nephew. Just found them at mugheaven.com. They have about 60 different little creatures to choose from. I remember buying the yellow duck and also a cute little frog. Hope this helps.

  3. Nancy at 8:44 am

    Looking for a white ceramic mug with a brown bear inside

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