Pocket Coffee

Pocket Coffee

For a coffee lover, Pocket Coffee is just about as good as it gets when it comes to chocolates. Pocket Coffee is a type of chocolate made by Ferrero, an Italian company that is better known in the US for their hazelnut filled Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The candies have a chocolate shell that surrounds a rich liquid espresso center that really delivers a caffeine punch. A very thin, crisp sugar shell keeps the espresso contained within the chocolate. I first heard about these on Candyblog, and spotted them myself in a local Cost Plus World Market a few months back. I’ve been buying them ever since.

The liquid center has a fantastic coffee flavor that I really like. The sugar that sweetened it gives it its syrupy consistency and seems to help it to blend well with the chocolate shell. It also adds an interesting textural element to the candy, which makes it seem a little more special. Overall? Pocket Coffee is delicious and probably one of the best coffee+chocolate combinations I’ve had – not to mention that it was one of the most unusual.

These candies do use real espresso and do contain caffeine. Apparently, 3 of these is about the equivalent of one shot of espresso. At that rate, I wouldn’t be using them for energy over regular coffee, but they are delicious and the added bonus of caffeine is not a bad thing to keep in mind when you are looking for a pick me up. I keep a small stash in my desk drawer just in case.

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