Tea Bag Tea Infuser

Tea Bag Tea Infuser

A tea bag is a disposable bag that is meant to make it easy and convenient to infuse your hot water with the tea of your choosing. It is a convenience item, and over the years bagged tea has picked up a reputation for not being as good, as fresh or having as clear a flavor as loose leaf tea. This isn’t true of all brands, of course, and it really has very little to do with the tea bag itself. The bag is still a great way of easily infusing your tea. That said, you’ll want a high quality bag, and while you can find high quality paper tea bags, the Tea Bag Tea Infuser is definitely a step up from most designs. Designed to look just like a regular tea bag, this stainless infuser sits upright in your glass on its silicone base and can be lifted with its silicone tab when your tea is ready. It isn’t disposable, but it brews any loose leaf tea with ease and it is easy to clean. And even if you’re not the type of tea drinker that typically uses bagged tea, you have to admit that this particular “bag” is definitely a cut above the rest.

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