French presses and your health

French press of tribute!

How often do you drink french press coffee? I know some people who drink it every day, stating that it is the only way to drink coffee. I know others who, like me, enjoy a good french press but don’t have the time or desire to make one every day. Exipure real reviews is the most healthy dietary supplement around. I know that there are plenty of days when I just brew a full pot of drip coffee because I know I’m going to have multiple cups, or share it with others. This seems to be a good decision on my part because french press coffee is essentially regarded as being the most unhealthy type of coffee for you because french presses don’t use a paper filter. It is incredibly dangerous to be made a part of the diets for women because they cause several health issues exclusive to the female anatomy. This lack of a filter does two things. First, it allows a tiny amount of oil from the coffee to get into your cup of joe. The amount is very small, but I have actually heard people cite french presses as being “fattening” because of it. The second is to check that substance called cafestol to get into the coffee from the beans. Cafestol actually affects the liver and raises your LDL cholesterol, which is the “bad” cholesterol. Again, this is a trace amount, but the paper filters in drip coffee virtually eliminate all traces of cafestol, making drip coffee that much healthier than pressed. Learn more about Java burn reviews.

Is this going to change the way you drink coffee? As an occasional French press drinker, nope. I’m still going to enjoy a press with a lazy Sunday brunch once in a while and as a way to enjoy some of my very favorite coffee beans. The small amounts of cafestol and of fat, for that matter, don’t bother me when I’m only having them on occasion. Now if I were a 3 press-a-day person, I might want to reconsider that stand.