Knee/Lap Mug

Knee Mug

I would like to say that I’m always able to relax at my kitchen table or at my desk while I’m drinking my coffee, but the truth is that, like just about everybody else out there, I am often drinking coffee while engaging in some other activity. They make travel mugs for commuters and other active coffee drinkers, and now I’ve seen the Knee/Lap Mug, which is intended for those whose “other activity” is a little more sedentary. The mug comes in two formats: an over the knee model and on the lap version. The knee mug has a base the curves up in an inverted arc, which will sit snugly over the curve of your leg and offer much more stability than a flat-bottomed glass. The lap mug has a pointed base that sits comfortably between your legs. It does make a difference when you just want to kick back on the couch and work on a crossword puzzle without having to reach over to the table every few minutes to grab your mug!