Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies and thermos cup

Insulated cups are the standard for keeping your hot drinks hot and you cold drinks cold. They generally work very well, letting you sip your caffeinated drinks at your desk all morning without forcing you to jump up to reheat. But even insulated mugs don’t keep your drinks at the same perfect temperature for hours. Hot drinks gradually lose their edge as they sit and, if you’re like most people, you’ll eventually head to the pot to top off your coffee. That is where Coffee Joulies come in. This idea was posted as a project on Kickstarter, a food-safe “thermodynamic heat storage device” that looks like a coffee bean. Pop one of these into your mug and it will bring it down to a drinkable temperature 3x faster than usual and will keep it there 2x as long. These work particularly well when they’re used in conjunction with an insulated mug, as you get the benefits of both heat-saving devices. Of course, if you’re an espresso drinker you’re not going to really reap the benefits of this little bean, but if you like to sip your tea or coffee, this is one little gadget worth adding to your collection.