Starbucks offers “bean-back” refund on Via purchases

starbucks via

Starbucks has really been trying to push the retail sales of their new instant coffee product Starbucks Via. I am a big fan of the stuff, as I really like the flavor – especially compared to just about all of the competition – and use them regularly when I travel. But for your average drop in Starbucks customer, there might not be a huge incentive to try the Via when you can just ask for a tall drip. Starbucks is hoping to change that by offering a “bean-back” guarantee. Anyone who purchases a package of Via in the next 7 months and is dissatisfied with it, can simply fill in this form and receive a free 12-oz bag of House Blend ground coffee. You do have include the UPC with your form, and it appears that you also need to be a US or Canadian resident. It’s not a bad incentive, considering that a pack of Via is probably less expensive than the beans are. And if you like Via and fill in the form anyway, I won’t tell. Just keep in mind that the offer is only good once per address.