Leaning Tower of TEAsa

Leaning Tower of TEAsa

I love to travel and an definitely drawn towards items that have a little bit of a travel slant to them… or in the case of this Leaning Tower of TEAsa, a very literal slant! This cute tower of Pisa-inspired item is actually a tea-for-two set that includes a tea pot and two cups. The top of the tower is actually the lid of the teapot, which makes up the base of the tower. The pot also comes with a removable brew basket inside.

I wish I could find one of the pictures I took years ago when I visited the tower of Pisa myself, so I could compare the “real thing” to this version, but that would involve a serious search through many boxes of pictures and old photo albums – activities best saved for a rainy day. I didn’t buy any tourist trinkets at the time to remind myself about the visit, assuming that photos would be enough. Photos really are a great way to remember a momentous trip or occasion, but adding a tea set like this one to the kitchen just might be an even better daily reminder.

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