Starbucks rebrands, drops coffee from name

Starbucks Logo History

The Starbucks logo is so familiar to even the most casual coffee drinker that we could draw it in our sleep. It’s iconic. The chain’s logo has just undergone a redesign for the first time in nearly two decades and that icon is undergoing some changes, dropping the words “Starbucks Coffee” in favor of something a little more graphic. In fact, the whole frame of the Starbucks siren is gone, leaving only the green mermaid – sans text – behind. Reuters reports that this change is not going over well with consumers who are fans of the brand’s logo, and it isn’t well-received by the branding consultants that they contacted for opinions. Disassociating the name of Starbucks from the logo may give the company room to brand more non-coffee items, but coffee is where the heart of the company is and that might be a turnoff to many.

That said, it’s not changing the coffee or the Starbucks on the corner any time soon. But I might head out to pick up a new mug bearing the classic logo for old times sake because, although I wouldn’t say I had strong feelings on the matter, I have to say that I like the old logo a whole lot better than the new one.