Irish Coffee

Nicole's Irish Coffee

If you look carefully, you can find an official day for just about anything. For instance, January 25th was National Irish Coffee Day! Irish Coffee is a hot coffee drink, where freshly brewed coffee is spiked with enough Irish whiskey to give it a kick, then sweetened with sugar and topped with whipped cream. It is a classic and, although I might be a day late to the official party, any excuse for an Irish Coffee is a good one.

Irish coffee is a drink that I like to serve for dessert after a dinner party or even to make for myself on a cold evening when I could use a very cozy, warming drink. I don’t want to offend any purists, but I’ve been known to add a splash of Irish cream to mine, too, just to sweeten things up! I generally go by taste, so as you follow the recipe below, feel free to adjust the amounts to suit your own preferences.

Irish Coffee
8-oz hot, freshly brewed coffee
1.5-oz whiskey
1 tbsp sugar
splash Irish Cream liquor (optional)
whipped cream, to top

Pour hot coffee into a large mug or a tall, Irish coffee glass. Add in whiskey and sugar and stir well. Top mug with lightly sweetened whipped cream and serve immediately.