Starbucks Hacks for the Frugal

I can’t count the number of former baristas who have told me that they hated the customers who ordered a huge cup with a single shot of espresso, then filled up the remaining 18-oz of their drink with water from the condiment bar. Mostly, this was because the customers tended to have an attitude even bigger than their cups when they pulled this “trick”  and never tipped on top of it. They were trying to save money – and who isn’t these days? – but there are better ways to do it even when visiting Starbucks without antagonizing the staff.

One Starbucks barista pulled together a whole list of helpful tips for frugal Starbucks shoppers, and tips to help you discern a good Starbucks from a bad one. Check out the whole list and see what you’re already doing, and what you might want to try on your next visit. Even taking your own cup in, while it only saves you $.10 per trip, will add up after a while!