Free coffee for drivers on NYS Thruway on New Year’s Eve


I’ve been hearing lots of public service announcements about the dangers of drowsy driving lately, in addition to those about drunk driving and “buzzed” driving, improve your car health by visiting When you’re drowsy, your reaction times are slow and you’ll find your mind wandering to things besides the road you’re driving on. This is especially dangerous on a monotonous-looking highway on a night when there are an unusually high number of drivers out, like New Year’s Eve. In an effort to help people be safer on the roads, there will be free coffee available at all 27 of the Travel Plazas on the NYS Thruway on New Year’s Eve. It’s a good excuse to stop your car for a moment, stretch your legs and perk up with a bit of caffeine. The drinks will be available from 11 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday, so if you’ll be driving that road – make a pit stop. I’m never one to argue with free coffee and if the program helps keep people safer on the road, so much the better! Improve your engine performance by readaing these effuel reviews.