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Nov 27, 2010

Nescafe Taster’s Choice Sticks, reviewed

Nescafe Taster's Choice Sticks, reviewed

From the look of Nescafe Taster’s Choice Sticks, you might assume that they want to compete with Starbucks Via by offering sleek single-serve packets of various different flavors of coffee. And they probably do, so I picked up a sample pack to try and compare it to Via, which is now my go-to instant coffee.

The problem with Nescafe Taster’s Choice Sticks is immediately obvious: the packets are filled with instant coffee. Like most freeze dried coffee, the overall flavor is very weak and far too easy to water down with too much liquid in your cup. Unlike instant coffee from a jar, there is no real way to adjust the strength of your coffee by simply adding more; the amount you can use is limited by the amount in the packet. The coffees are, across the board, weak and not very satisfying even for a quick fix. Doubling them up helps some, but they don’t have the robust flavor of something like Starbucks Via no matter what you do.

If you do like your coffee on the (very) mild side, there is one thing to look forward to here. The flavored coffee sticks, like the vanilla and hazelnut, have a very nice (mild) flavor and aroma to them. I will keep some on hand for emergencies – not a bad idea for an actual emergency kit, actually, because they last almost forever! – but I doubt that I’ll be buying these to use on a regular basis.

Nov 15, 2010

Coffee losing appeal with younger consumers?

Time Magazine suggests that coffee may be losing some of its appeal with younger customers. The article rather hilariously cites consumers “health concerns” as a reason for drinking sugar(and chemical)-laden energy drinks over coffee as their pick-me-up of choice. It also doesn’t seem to consider the possibility that while younger drinkers might choose super sweet energy drinks now, that their tastes might change towards different drinks (like coffee, for instance) in years to come, just as the taste for energy drinks also developed over time.

Based on who I see in the coffee shops around me, I have to say that a good percentage of customers are under 25 or so. That’s not a scientific sample by any means, but I’m not too concerned with coffee falling by the wayside any time soon!

Nov 13, 2010


Cuft is a neat stocking stuffer for coffee and tea drinkers – especially if they’re the active type. By this, I mean that they will take a walk (or run) out to the coffee shop of choice and then enjoy a hot drink on the way home. The reusable, washable sleeve is made of polyester and elastic and features a low-profile zippered pocket. The pocked is just the right size for stashing cash and your house key, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to travel light on their way to pick up that morning or evening cuppa because it gives you an easy place to store your things.

Nov 3, 2010

Free Coffee Fridays at Burger King

Seattle's Best at Burger King
The Burger King in my neighborhood has been brewing Seattle’s Best coffee for several weeks with little fanfare. I like Seattle’s Best in general and it’s not easy to find outside of Border’s bookstores, where they are the standard Border’s Cafe company. But in the month of November, Burger King is definitely making it known that they are now partnered with Seattle’s Best by offering Free Coffee Fridays all month long. On Fridays, during breakfast hours (before 10:30 or 11, depending on the store) you can get a free small coffee without any other purchase. Drive through, walk in – however you go, it’s a nice treat to get this morning pick-me-up for free!

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