What was the best coffee drink of the summer?

Every summer, coffee shops across the country bring out new seasonal drinks to draw in new consumers and keep the attention of the regulars. I usually look forward to this time of year because it is one of the few times that I will opt for a cold drink instead of a second cup of hot coffee during the day and – I’ll admit it – I like quite a few of those blended drinks!

For me, this summer’s best drink was the Honey Kissed Ice Blended from Coffee Bean. The blended drink was made with their signature vanilla powder and honey, and there were chocolate covered espresso beans blended into it to give it a bigger caffeine boost, too. At some shops, I even had honey drizzled into the inside of my cup, which led to some satisfyingly sweet sips through the straw when I managed to get a bit on the end.

Here’s hoping they bring it back next summer!