Sep 22, 2009

Trader Joe’s Joe Coffee

tjs joe coffee

Trader Joe’s Joe Coffee appears to be the supermarket chain’s new house blend. It’s not a stretch to guess this, given the name, but another tell-tell factor is the price. This 14-oz can was just $3.99 (at my local TJs, prices may vary). Their coffees are usually a good deal, but this is easily the most affordable option on the shelf. As the house blend, Joe’s is designed to appeal to as many coffee drinkers as possible. It’s a medium-roast coffee, with a medium-low acidity and a medium body. There are notes of¬† chocolate and some woodsiness, but it’s overall just a very smooth and drinkable cup that isn’t entirely remarkable. That’s not a bad thing! It means that it hits its mark as an everyday coffee that will appeal to a wide audience¬† – and at the price point it’s at, the potential audience is pretty big.


  • hmmmm…that sounds really good, and a great price. Now I have two reasons to go there…I’ve heard great things about their soy sauce, too…something about it being still raw and fermented and so being full of “good” bacteria like yogurt is. :)

  • This is my everyday coffee. Really excellent no-nonsense “joe”. As it’s a medium roast and hasn’t been overly cooked, it packs a nice, eye-opening punch first thing in the AM. I’ve used it in the french press and manual drip and both ways are great. It’s nice and cheap too.

  • Yes! We love this as our good ol’ mornin’ joe. It makes an amazing crema in our press and is great in the coffeemaker as well. Makes the uber expensive coffees a nice treat, but this hits the spot with out hitting the wallet. Thanks TJ’s!

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