Instant coffee sticks taste test

coffee sticks

Instant coffee has been around for a long time, but lately companies are trying to make it more appealing to consumers by making it a little easier to use. Namely, they’re packing it in single-serve portions that you can take to-go, in addition to the big shelf-stable jars of the stuff. This week, the Chicago Tribune held a taste test comparing Starbucks VIA Ready Brew stick packets with Nescafe Taster’s Choice packets. Starbucks VIA runs about 4 times the price of Nescafe, so seeing which came out on top could add up to big savings for consumers.

For the test, the two brands were compared with regular brewed coffee – Colombian, since both VIA and Tasters Choice use Colombian coffee. The brewed coffee was the most popular, but VIA was only a hair behind, while Tasters Choice trailed way down in the ratings in third. The VIA was close to fresh brewed and, because the crystals of it are so fine, it dissolves easily in hot and cold water, so you can use it for iced drinks, too.