Starbucks Colombia Nariño Supremo, reviewed

Colombia Nariño SupremoColombia Nariño Supremo is one of the newest limited edition offerings from Starbucks. I’ve been impressed so far with the quality and flavor most of their seasonal beans (enough to wish that some, like the Aged Sumatra, were always available!) and this one didn’t disappoint me either. Colombia Nariño Supremo is a medium-roast coffee with a wonderfully nutty flavor. The bag says that it is reminiscent of walnuts, and while there is a tiny hint of bitterness that did remind me of those, I thought that the coffee tasted a lot more like macadamia nuts due to how buttery it was.

The coffee has a slight acidity to its finish, which serves to break up that buttery flavor of the nuts and leave your palate feeling clean. This is a coffee that would probably do very well with all kinds of foods. If you have it in a Starbucks store, ask to have it brewed in a french press, as that is where the rich, nutty flavors will really be enhanced (mostly due to the extra oil pressed from the beans in a french press).