Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee, reviewed

Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee

I picked up this can of Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee based purely on the name and the package design, and I’m glad that I did because I otherwise might have overlooked this brand. Kicking Horse Coffee is a Canadian coffee company that sells all organic, Fair-Trade coffee – and it’s actually Canada’s number one Fair Trade coffee company. While it’s available at stores in Canada, it’s not too common in the US (not my part, anyway). I found this at Cost Plus World Market, which seems to carry their whole line.

The Kick Ass coffee – as you might expect from a blend with a name like “kick ass” – is a very dark roast. It reminded me a lot of coffees I’ve brewed with espresso beans, in terms of how bold it was. This coffee is strong and dark, with some burnt sugar notes and a hint of nuttiness. I think this would really appeal to anyone who likes bolder coffees, but at the same time it won’t put off those who usually prefer a lighter roast because it is smooth and rich tasting, not overly aggressive.

Kick Ass Coffee lid