Topless coffee shop opens in Maine

In the fairly small town of Vassalboro, Maine, a new coffee shop opened its doors last week. A topless coffee shop. The owner, Donald Crabtree, said “I know what people want. People like nudity, and coffee is profitable.” He certainly makes a good point, but the combination still is a highly unusual one to introduce.

The coffee shop has 15 employees – 10 women and 5 men – of all ages (over 18, of course) and body types, “from skinny to big-boned women” and every one of them works topless. The owner says that the place is doing well already, even in an otherwise slow economy, largely because people are really cheered up by visiting the store. Of course, since the shop has only been open for a week, there is no telling how the coffee shop will do once the novelty wears off. If it does well, we might start to see similar venues open in other locations.