Starbucks launches breakfast pairings

Starbucks Breakfast pairingsStarting this week, Starbucks is rolling out a new value-inspired concept for breakfast: breakfast pairings. Essentially, these pairings are all food plus beverage combinations that give you a discount over the price of the two items purchased separately. The combinations include:

  • Tall Caffè Latte paired with:
    – Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal, 100% whole grain goodness made-to-order with three conveniently portioned toppings, including dried fruit, nut medley and brown sugar; or
    – Reduced-Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake, a moist buttery cake with a cinnamon swirl center topped with a cinnamon crumble.
  • Tall Fresh Brewed Coffee paired with:
    – NEW Artisan Bacon Sandwich, a flavorful bakery-style sandwich made with a parmesan egg frittata, smoked bacon slices, and Gouda cheese on a perfectly-baked hand-shaped artisan roll; or
    – NEW Artisan Ham Sandwich, a delightful combination made with a parmesan egg frittata, three slices of Black Forest ham, and mild cheddar on a perfectly-baked hand-shaped artisan roll; or
    – Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, a tasty teaming of sausage, egg and mild cheddar on an English muffin; or
    – Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, lighter option featuring reduced-fat turkey bacon, cholesterol-free egg, and reduced-fat aged white cheddar on a multi-grain English muffin.

Each of the pairings is just $3.95, and you could end up saving as much as $1.25 on an order by picking the combination over separates. Not a bad deal. If you want a mocha, or vanilla latte, or something instead of a plain latte, you’ll just be charged extra for the addition of syrup to the breakast pairing. You won’t have to miss out on the deal entirely.