Starbucks Bella Vista FW Tres Rios Coffee, reviewed

Starbucks Bella Vista FW Tres Rios is a Costa Rican whole bean coffee blend,  medium roast, that was added to the Starbucks lineup fairly recently. The bag is gorgeous, with artwork that depicts a Costa Rican coffee plantation. Not that this has anything to do with the coffee, of course, but it did make the bag easy on the eyes when it was sitting on my kitchen counter.

The coffee has a deep, roasty flavor to it an a light, slightly acidic finish. Even though it was a medium roast, I found it to be a little on the darker side, with the brightness at the end serving to really lighten it up. It has some slightly spicy notes to it, but comes off as a smooth and balanced coffee that doesn’t really standout dramatically from the pack, although it is very nice overall and worth buying again.