Adina Organic Double Espresso Drink, reviewed

Adina Double Espresso

I picked up this Adina Organic Double Espresso Drink at Cost Plus World Market the other night on a whim – and a recommendation from the cashier. The drink was chilled perfectly from the refrigerated case and I was able top open it right away. It is smooth, creamy with a good coffee flavor and a distinct note of vanilla. I was surprised that the espresso flavor didn’t overpower the other elements of the drink, given that it is the “double espresso” flavor, but that is all the better in my book. The drink was perfectly balanced, and while it delivered coffee with a bit of sweetness, it was very refreshing.

Two things I really like about this drink are (1) that the ingredients are fair trade and (2) the ingredient list is very simple. The coffee beans, evaporated cane juice and vanilla are all fair trade. The only other ingredients are organic milk and pectin (from fruit, which contributes to a smooth mouthfeel). Quality ingredients obviously make a quality drink – a drink that I’ll definitely have again.