DrinKlip Cup Holder

DrinKlip Cup HolderMy desk doesn’t have a cupholder and, up until seeing this DrinKlip Cup Holder, I never really thought that it needed one. The clip is a giant version of one you might use to seal a bag of chips. It clamps down on the open edge of a desk, providing you with a convenient place to set your cup of coffee. The reason that I think this might be such a good idea at a desk is that it pretty much eliminates the possibility of spilling coffee (or any other drink) onto your computer or work-related papers.

The clip’s cupholder is sturdy and fairly deep, so the cup would really need to be shoved hard to loosen it. Additionally, the clip holds your cup out and away from the desk, so if it does spill it will be on the floor. Overall, it’s a nice, practical design and will probably serve you better than a regular coaster if you’re prone to accidentally knocking into mugs and bottles from time to time.

via Cnet