Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte

The vanilla rooibos tea I have at home is Adagio’s Vanilla Rooibos. It’s an herbal tea made by blending vanilla beans in with rooibos – and the vanilla flavor comes through wonderfully, giving the tea an impressive natural sweetness. Since the tea has a bold flavor and is a bit sweet to begin with, it’s a great choice for a tea latte, where added sweetness will only bring out the natural sweetness of the tea and the flavor of the vanilla will still stand out over the addition of milk.

The tea latte is easy to make by brewing strong tea – use twice as much as you normally would – and adding in some hot milk. Steamed milk is ideal, but if you use a small whisk to froth up regular milk you’ll get a good result, too. I usually sweeten tea lattes with vanilla syrup if I have some on hand, but regular sugar works out just fine, too.

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte
8-oz double strength vanilla rooibos tea*
4-oz milk
1-2 tbsp vanilla syrup (or sugar)

Make double strength tea by doubling the amount of tea (or using two bags) when you brew your tea.
Steam milk or warm it in the microwave and whisk until frothy.
Put tea and syrup/sugar in a tall glass and stir well. Sweeten to taste, if needed. Top with hot milk and serve.

Serves 1

*You can use another vanilla flavored tea and still get great results.