Trader Joe’s Colombia Supremo, reviewed

TJ's Colombia Supremo

Trader Joe’s Colombia Supremo is one of the mainstays of TJ’s coffee selection. It’s been available for some time and looks like it recently got a bit of a makeover, with a brightly colored label festooned with toucans, tropical flowers and tree frogs. It’s a medium roast, making it a coffee that is likely to appeal to just about all coffee drinkers as an everyday coffee.

Trader Joe’s notes that Supremo beans are “larger and more flavorful than other Colombian-grown beans,” and while I can’t compare them to all Colombian beans, they are quite large.  The coffee has a lovey cocoa flavor with a hint of smokiness and a smooth aftertaste. It seems to be a little on the light side of the spectrum and, while it is good black, you might find yourself wanting to brew it a little bit stronger if you want the coffee to be dark enough to stand up to a lot of creamer.