Starbucks Organic Serena Blend, reviewed

organic serena blendStarbuck’s Organic Serena Blend is one of the mainstays of the Starbucks coffee lineup – which is to say that it isn’t a limited edition blend – and one of the few certified  organic coffees that Starbucks has on its menu. I say certified organic because there are many coffees out there that are produced organically (several from Kona, just off the top of my head) that don’t gt the certification for price reasons but still hold up the standards.

Serena is a medium roast blend of beans from Africa and Latin America. It has a very complex flavor that isn’t too dark or heavy, thanks to the fact that it is a lighter roast. The coffee has a nutty, smooth flavor and a bright, but not too acidic, finish with a few citrusy orange notes thrown in. It has a lot of flavor and is a good “everyday” sort of coffee that could be paired with just about anything, from breakfast to dessert.