Ritter Sport Cappuccino, reviewed

ritter sport cappuccino

Ritter Sport is a brand of German candy bars that is great for those who like a lot of variety in their chocolate, as their bars are consistently excellent and come in all kinds of flavors.

The Ritter Sport Cappuccino, like their other chocolates, is a square milk chocolate bar made up of smaller squares., each of which has a cappuccino-flavored filling. The filling is like a very dense mousse, light on the tongue but easy to bite into. It has a great coffee flavor, very much like a real cappuccino with notes of fresh coffee and milk. The milk chocolate is very creamy and the whole thing just melts smoothly into your mouth, coming very close to the flavor of a very well-made mocha latte in the end. This is a very rich bar that is definitely satisfying on the chocolate end and the coffee side of things.