What is a tea latte?

Tea LatteTea with milk in it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many tea drinkers feel that milk gives the tea a watery flavor, while others find that it is a creamier, richer drink. The best of all worlds comes in a tea latte.

A tea latte is not just tea with milk in it.  It’s extra strong tea with hot steamed milk added to it. Most I’ve had use a bit more tea than milk, although half and half provides a pretty good ratio, similar to  cafe au lait. Tea lattes made by using roughly twice as much tea as you would normally use for any particular size cup, so the tea has a strong – but not bitter – flavor that can stand up to the addition of all that milk.

Any kind of tea can be used to a tea latte – black teas, herbal teas, green teas – and so can any type of milk. Most coffee shops that offer these drinks serve them lightly sweetened. Vanilla complements a lot of teas, but just as you can use any type of tea, you can also use any flavor sweetener that will suit your tea.