Dec 3, 2008

Trader Joe’s Organic Cranberry Green Tea, reviewed

Green tea can have such a mild flavor on its own that is easy to layer other flavors on top of it. This is probably why it is used as the base in Trader Joe’s  Organic Cranberry Green Tea, as the added flavors – all natural ingredients – are. The tea is flavored with hibiscus flowers, cardamom, lemongrass, cinnamon, apple, star anise, rosehips, clove and cranberries. It takes on a pinkish hue when brewed and has a very floral scent, almost perfumy. The fruity flavors aren’t strong, but they do add a nice hint of sweetness to balance the floral notes.

One really nice feature of this tea, in addition to the fact that it is organic, is that the pyramidal tea bags are biodegradable. Unfortunately, the bags are also individually packaged in plastic wrappers and the box is very oversized for the number of bags included. Still, the tea is very good, but the over-packaging takes some of the glow away from the the eco-friendly elements of the product.


  • I’ve been reading bakingbites for awhile and just found your coffee site. I just read the whole thing. (I can’t believe it…! But my babies just went to sleep and I had a break.) Looking forward to checking it out regularly.

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  • I just bought this tea – it is so good! Love that it isn’t too sweet. I linked to this site on my blog – you have such a great description of it! Thank you!

  • This tee is absolutely amazing!!! I also tried Jasmine Perls tea and it’s very good too! I love these new products.

  • i love that tea i bring back some wen i was at los Angeles please i leave in Miami were can i fine trader Joe’s organic cranberry green tea ???????

  • I brought Trader Joes Organic Cranberry Green Tea today I love it the taste and smell are wonderful. Most tea have no calories but there is no count on box and I cant find it online . Please look into it for meI need to know for I am on a strict weight program.
    Thanks Edie

  • I’ve been drinking this tea for over a year, especially during the cold.

  • This tea tastes Beautiful and smells just as wonderful!! I must add that when I gave some of this tea to a lady here in Sonora Mexico she praised it and said it helped relieve her ailing Muscles! Well I love it and I others here that have tried it truly enjoy it! I will be buying more of this and next time a lot more of it to bring back to the ladies in the Church! :)

  • I recently learned that Trader Joe’s will no longer carry the organic cranberry green tea which I’ve been drinking for several years and just love. Can this tea be purchased on line or at other grocery stores, if so where?

  • Can this tea be ordered on line? My Trader Joe’sno longer carries it or can no longer get it.

  • I have written to Trader Joe’s asking them to consider bringing this tea back. They wrote, telling me sales were down. I suggest that whoever loved this tea write to Trader Joe’s and tell them so. I asked them if they could tell me where they bought the tea and they said they have an agreement not to tell. If anyone figures out where to buy this tea, please let us know.

  • This is the ONLY GREEN TEA that I can drink. All others make me queasy. It has the right balance of sweetness and tart flavors to compensate the ‘grassy’ flavor of green tea. I drink this tea every morning and am unbelievably disappointed that it is discontinued.

    I’m trying to find a batch for sale on the internet. Or else, find a similar tea. But looking at the mix of ingredients, I don’t see anything that gets close….

  • How very sad Trader Joe’s no longer sells this tea! It is my ALL TIME favorite. If anyone finds a suitable substitute, please let us know! Boo, Trader Joe’s!

  • So sad that this tea is no longer available. Since its no longer available thru thm – why does the source need to be secret. This I as stupid as French Meadow dropping their healthy brownies.

  • Go to and sign up to be notified when this tea becomes available – perhaps if enough interest is shown there it will re surface!


    Hello to all my fellow tea drinkers. I too not only love this tea, but it has great medicinal value. Those of you that have mentioned getting a relief with this tea from muscle aches to arthritis to cancer, I am from the medical world and use tea and herbs mostly for my sclerosis and advanced x 3 degenerative joint and disc disease-stuff most Grandmothers never experience.

    Your voices have been heard. I phoned the Trader Joe’s Corporate office and told the customer relations rep that this is the best tea medicinal they have, well they have great tea, but this has a great balance for the body. Due to my own issues, I have needed to think outside the box for my level of pain, and herb study was the only option, other than many pain tonics I disapprove of, but still have to take; smaller amounts since I have added the teas and herbs.

    Corporate will listen to you, call them and share you concern. Here is the number: (626) 599-3700. Please call and let them pleasantly know how you love the tea and tell them to try to think of a better way to survey items people barely know they even have tea there unless they look around…have a “Tea Tasting-Afternoon Tea Style”celebrating their teas, what a wonderful idea. They could host the teas not selling as much and serve cookies at their kitchen areas. I always buy the ‘Hosted Product’ as long as No Peanuts have been cooked around the packaging of the product.

    So everyone have a great day and keep drinking tea! And if you need a temporary company to get the similar herbs, go to the , then go to Amazon and get the 2 for $5.99 2″ tea ball offer. You can make your own temporarily until our friends get their tea together. Amazon also has a nice acrylic non-microwave all-in-one tea diffuser/filter inside fitted for this beautiful $16.99 cold or hot tea server for commuting or on the go.

    Remember the Trader Joe’s “Well Rested Tea” usually used at nighttime is a great pain alternative medicine, same with Chamomile at 1-2 bags. I have 3 bags (Well Rested tea), along with 11 others and my tea ball of herbs that I place in my Rival (Walmart $12.99) teapot-electric removable from base.

    *~*Happy Tea To Everyone*~*

  • I really liked this tea, I saved a box…just opened it and sadly, will be missed when the last bag is used. I wish they would reconsider :( , I can’t find another cranberry green tea that is worth it like this one was!

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