Tim Tam Slam How-To

One of my very favorite cookies is the Tim Tam, an exceptionally popular Australian cookie that consists of a chocolate mousse sandwiched between two chocolate wafer biscuits and dunked in a thin layer of chocolate. The cookies come in all kinds of flavors – from mint to caramel to dulce de leche – but the overall structure remains the same. These cookies have just become available in the US (previously only available at $$ import stores) thanks to a new release from Pepperidge Farms.

The best thing to do with a Tim Tam is the Tim Tam Slam – and now that we can access them here in the US on a regular basis, it’s a good skill to learn because it is the absolute best way to enjoy a Tim Tam. All you do is bite off opposite corners of the cookie, then insert one end into a cup of hot coffee and suck the coffee up through the cookie. The hot liquid travels up through the filling – creating a mouthful of mocha – and soaks up into the biscuits, while the chocolate holds everything together. It’s good for one big sip, then you need to eat the cookie quickly before it falls apart in your hand, instead of your mouth.

Pretty close to heaven in one bite.