Joe to Go Coffee Tote

Joe to Go

If you’re still searching for a gift for the coffee-lover in your life, you might want to take a look at the Joe to Go Coffee Tote. It’s unique, it’s practical and it’s something that your coffee drinker probably doesn’t have.

The coffee tote is a traveling coffee set that gives you far more options than, for instance, an ordinary thermos does. It is a takeoff on far more common wine totes, that give you an easy, elegant way to carry and drink your wine, whether you’re picnicking or taking in a concert. The set includes a vacuum flask, two insulated mugs and a container for cream, as well as spoons and napkins. Everything is coordinating in stainless steel. The set is neatly packaged in a well-styled canvas bag with a shoulder strap than makes toting the tote easy.

While most coffee-drinkers have thermoses or insulated cups already, this gives you more options for preparing and serving the coffee – just as many as you would have at home, in fact, since you can tote the creamer with you and keep packaged sugars in one of the tote’s zip pockets.

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