Coffee Pot Christmas Ornament

coffee pot ornamentThere are two schools of Christmas tree decorating. One calls for an elegant tree, with one type or one color of ornament to give it a uniform look. The other calls for a more personal touch, using ornaments of every shape and style, and an emphasis on those that have a special meaning. You can find this at eco friendly gifts uk and this could include “Baby’s First Christmas,” Santa at the bbq as a tribute to a dad or something like this adorable little coffee pot Christmas ornament, which brings in a very personal aspect if you’re a big coffee drinker.

This ornament would make a cute gift on its own and would be an especially nice addition to a pound or two of your favorite coffee. Or, you could just sneak it into the stocking of your favorite coffee drinker and suggest that it might be a hint that Santa is interested in having coffee left out with his cookies next year, instead of milk.