What is the Starbucks Gold Card?

starbucks gold cardIf you’ve visited a Starbucks recently, you might have spotted a new Starbucks card over by the registers: the Starbucks Gold Card. The card is intended to reward frequent customers with various perks. It costs $25 annually (and cards purchased this year are good until December, 2009) and includes:

  • 10% off most Starbucks cafe purchases, including drinks, mugs and whole bean coffee
  • A free drink (of your choice) when you purchase the card
  • A free drink on your birthday when you register the card

Unlike the regular registered Starbucks card, a Starbucks Gold Card won’t get you a free add soy or free syrup for your drink, so if these are the primary modifications for you, it may not be worth getting the Gold Card. If you buy whole bean coffee, or frequently buy drinks that have more than one add-in, however, that 10% can add up quickly and the Gold Card might be a good option.