The Cup Pilot

Cup PilotThe Cup Pilot is a portable cup holder that is primarily designed for air travel, where you often encounter turbulence but are not provided with anything that might keep a drink in place during the flight. The hook at the top of the cup holder can attach to tray tables, seat pockets, and even onto suitcase pockets (handy while you’re waiting, Starbucks in hand, to board your flight). The Cup Pilot is lightweight and folds up flat into a small nylon pouch for easy storage when it’s not in use.

As you might suspect, this cup holder can also be used in many other places, as well. Its versatile clip can be attached inside of a car, either adding a cup holder to a car that doesn’t have quite enough for your tastes or where the cup holders aren’t quite high enough to hold your coffee in place during stop-and-go traffic.