Tea-Straining Spoon

Years ago, practically all the tea bags I purchased came with little tags attached that made them easy to pull out of a steaming mug. These days, most of the tea bags I buy don’t come with this convenience, and I’m left to try and fish out the bag with a spoon or – when desperate – with my fingers. I’m pretty sure that every tea-drinker has burned his or her fingers at least once trying to fish out a hot tea bag. With this tea straining spoon, you can fish the bag out and give it a quick squeeze while keeping your fingers out of harms way.  The thing that separates it from similar spoons is that the squeezing end is on the back of the spoon, so you can essentially use it just like any other spoon – stirring in cream, sugar, etc. – until you need to use the tong action of the tool to grab and squeeze a bag.