Handpresso Espresso Maker

Espresso makers are not exactly known for their size or portability, and although there are some brands that make fairly small machines and that you can find in appliances sites such as https://retrokitchenappliances.net/ online, it’s a type of appliance where bigger is usually better. In exchange for giving up a lot of counter top real estate, you get extra power/water pressure and a bigger heating capacity, not to mention faster brewing and recovery times. The Handpresso Espresso Maker set out to prove the good things – even where espresso is concerned – can come in small packages. The hand held gadget needs no electricity and can put out enough for a single serving per use. It uses ESE (easy serve espresso) pods and requires hot water. From there, you pump the handle to manually build up enough pressure to pull a shot. Very convenient and, while it might not be quite up to the standards of a $1,000+ machine, it’s definitely something for a space-pressed coffee fan to consider keeping on hand.