30 days of Starbucks

Morgan Spurlock did it in Super Size Me at McDonalds. Could you do the same thing at Starbucks? Thanks to Cockeyed, I found the blog of a woman who intended to try and eat all her food at Starbucks for 30 days. Unlike Spurlock, who started out with a point to prove and a specific roadmap on how to achieve his goal, Kristen says she just thought it would be an interesting experiment and wasn’t trying to prove a point.

The coffee shop does carry all kinds of food options these days, from hot breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal, to pastries, regular sandwiches and salads. Kristen didn’t quite decide to see her project through to the end (yet), but it’s obviously possible based just on their offerings, and from the first week of the experiment it’s easy to see that is possible to be reasonably healthy while doing so, although it’s not an inexpensive prospect.