Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Mexican Mocha, reviewed

I don’t drink a lot of energy drinks because caffeine is generally all that I need

Where to Score Free Ice Tea for National Ice Tea Day, June 10

I love a good food holiday. They don’t require the elaborate celebrations of “real” holidays and

Starbucks to Put Iced Coffee on Tap

Iced coffee is more popular than ever – and not just because we are heading into

Keurig Tazo Chai Classic Latte, reviewed

You probably use your Keurig to make coffee more often than you use it to make

Starbucks Releases Emoji for All Your Texting Needs

How many times have you settled for a smiley face when what you really wanted to

Honey Vanilla Latte

I use honey in tea drinks more often in coffee drinks, but after having the honey

Cook’s Country Rates Supermarket Black Teas

Americans drink a lot of tea each year and, while coffee might get more press, it

Starbucks Evenings Includes Blended Alcoholic Beverages in Japan

I’m a fan of Starbucks Evenings. It gives the coffee shop a bit of a different
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